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Mariana Coelho da Mota

What is your project/research about?

My project focuses on the neuroprotective effect of a combination of epigenetic drugs (HDACi + resveratrol) in a permanent model of brain ischemia. More precisely characterizing their effect on post-ischemic inflammation.

Why did you apply for a Marie Curie ITN and especially this project?

European networking is what I found most attractive about a Marie Curie ITN. After having done Erasmus during my PharmD, I was on the search of a research experience abroad. At the time of my application, I was working on an in vitro model of brain ischemia, so I thought this project was the perfect opportunity.

What is so fascinating for you on research in general?

Answering a question no one has asked before.

What do you do in your free time?

In my free time, I try to do things that take my mind off of work. Sports, eating good food with friends, learning, photographing, and mostly getting to know new places.

What are your plans for your future?

I’d like to stay in the research field.

Regarding our meetings:

Please give a short summary what you remember about are Network Meetings?

The most important part is having the feedback of others. It’s important to take a look at our project in a different perspective, especially when our ITN has people that looks at the same problem from different perspectives. All in a friendly environment.

What are the impressions and learnings you take with you from each meeting?

I always go back seeing my project in a different manner. I get new ideas, I’m able to troubleshoot.

What was the most useful workshop?

The statistics workshop was fantastic.

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