PhD positions in neuroinflammation research

We offered thirteen PhD positions (Early Stage Researcher) for three years to undertake research in neuroinflammation. This research is supported by the Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) “nEUROinflammation” within the EU Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (2007-2013).

The scientific goal of nEUROinflammation is to investigate inflammatory mechanisms in stroke and multiple sclerosis with a special focus on bone-marrow derived macrophages, dendritic cells, the endothelium, and microglia.  A unique feature of our consortium is to combine stroke and MS research in order to release synergies between the fields and to provide PhD students with a comprehensive picture of neuroinflammation.  By employing a range of experimental and translational techniques, this ITN aims at one goal: to modulate basic neuroinflammatory mechanisms for the treatment of neurological diseases.

The Early Stage Researcher (ESR) are hosted by 17 academic or industrial partner organizations in Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Finland, Poland, Netherlands, and Switzerland. For additional details and the main activities in each project of nEUROinflammation, please follow the link.

The successful applicants are registerd for a PhD and will submit a high quality dissertation for examination within 3 years of his or her appointment.

Each ESR in the program has a Personal Career Development Plan, designed with their supervisors at the beginning of the fellowship, covering training needs (including complementary skills) and scientific objects. Each ESR has at least one secondment (about 30% of the time) to another collaborating partner organization.